ADP Governorship candidate of ENUGU State calls on States Government to collaborate with INEC on continual voter registration.

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The Governorship candidate of ADP Enugu State, Hon Nnamdi Omeje has appealed to state government to collaborate with INEC in ensuring that every youth get registered, advising the state governments not be passive in their involvement on this continual voters registration since it’s what shall benefit all, so the state government should as a matter of fact come out to support INEC to get the people register and educate the masses the need to get registered for their voter’s card and also the implication of not getting registered or registering twice. 

Banking on the newly signed electoral law, the Governorship candidate of Action Democratic Party (ADP) Hon. Nnamdi Omeje has assured the people of ENUGU State that their votes must count come 2023 and encourage evey youth to go their voter’s card so that it won’t be a game as usual in enugu state. Adding that time has come to stop the recycling of these old politician who does not have the interest of the youth. This Pharaonic style of leadership must stop, meaning,,, weather you like it or not what they decide is what you take, Government by the rich and for the Rich. Hon. Omeje also assured the good people of ENUGU State that the government of ADP when elected will be the only government capable of pulling the people of ENUGU State out of its present state of mockery.

Omeje reiterated that the ADP government if elected shall revive all the forgotten industries in the state through which create jobs for the youth and build our IGR in a robust way that the state will not wait for federal allocation before carrying on with the government assignment.

Hon. omeje went on to encourage the electorates to go out there and obtain their voter’s cards, saying that this is the only weapon to defeat these outdated political merchants who keep taking advantage of the poor masses.

The state chairperson of ADP Chief Mrs chinyere Julianne who was with the Governorship candidate suggested and advised INEC to quickly recruit manpower or better extend the date till all the eligible voters are registered.

While responding to questions from participants after the awareness campaign on voters registration which took place at adaba in Uzo-uwani local government area of the state,

Hon. Omeje assured the people of Uzo-uwani not to be discouraged from the past experiences of lack of government presence and neglect, promising them that their votes will surely count this time and that the ADP government when elected will make sure that security of life and property a specially farmers are not played with because we cannot play with agriculture since our government shall explore the natural resources God has deposited in our state.

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