I’m a Freed Slave; Manumitted by Conscience, Then Awakened By Sapience By Martins Chiedozie Ugwu

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A man is not truly armoured with integrity until he has become incapable of lying or deceiving others either by gesture, word, or act; until he sees, clearly, and openly, and freed from all doubts, the deadly effects of such moral turpitude. So the enlightened man is protected from all quarters, and can no more be undermined or fooled by dishonest men that the sun can be pulled down from heaven if not appeased, and the arrows of selfishness and treachery that may be poured upon him will rebound from his strong armour of his fake integrity and the bright shield of his self fabricated righteousness.

Existentialism is a philosophical perspective which attempts to explain human existence and experience. This approach is based on the ideology that we as humans are free beings and therefore have the authorship over our destiny. But in a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else’s mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the true realities of life. And even though we are not slaves in name, and cannot be carried to market and sold as somebody else’s legal chattels, we are free only within narrow limits. For all our talk about liberation and personal autonomy, we are bound to act to follow the slavery mentality and believing everything we are told because to us, there are few choices that we are free to make but that is not true.

As a thinker and researcher, I spend the greater part my day fighting with the demons in my head over the issues regarding the state of humanity, the self induced human disaster in Africa, the western suppression and economic pillage, the excessive greed among the  rich and the untold hatred in the midst of the poor. The human bickery and envy, the pursuit for wealth and fame and most especially to what extent we go faking ourselves to impress a mere mortal in a struggle to belong or be counted. 

Like James Allen wrote, from the beginning of time, man, in spite of his bodily appetites and desires, in the midst of all his clinging to earthly and impermanent things, has ever been intuitively conscious of the limited, transient, and illusionary nature of his material existence, and in his sane and silent moments has tried to reach out into a comprehension of the Infinite, and has turned with tearful aspiration toward the restful Reality of the Eternal Heart.

Even though we are technically advanced as a people, we are traveling back when it comes understanding or to seeking the real meaning and truth about life. We have no clue about what’s going on with us and what our actual job on earth is and that is why we behave the way we do more especially in this part of the world. That is why we are capable of killing one another mercilessly, that is why we take greater comfort seeing the suffering of another. And with the accumulation of temporal comforts and luxuries, the dignity within men is drugged and they sink deeper and deeper into materiality, into perishable life of the senses and where there is sufficient intellect, theories concerning the immortality of the flesh come to be regarded as infallible truth.

Indeed when a man’s soul is clouded with selfishness in any or every form, he loses the power of spiritual discrimination, and confuses the temporal with the eternal, the perishable with the permanent, mortality with immortality, and error with truth. It is thus that the world has come to be filled with theories and speculations having no foundation in the realities of human experience. Every body of flesh contains within itself, from the hour of birth, the elements of its own destruction, and by the unalterable law of its own nature must it pass away. The perishable in the universe can never become permanent; the permanent can never pass away; the mortal can never become immortal. The immortal can never die. The temporal cannot become eternal nor the eternal become temporal and appearance can never become reality.

Indeed life is intelligently designed, ruled by immutable laws, and survives only because it has a built-in facilitated variation mechanism for continually adapting to internal and external challenges and changes. Yet, not even the greatest of philosophers, spiritualists and scientists can fully understand the working of life, its beginning and the end. Some of those who attained what others viewed as the greatest wisdom, like Descartes, Socrates, Hume, the Buddha and the Taoists all agree that the greatest challenge facing humanity is mass ignorance. Our inability to query existing norms or tradition. Our lack of knowledge to grab the simple understanding of the reality of human mortality.

How does one explain why almost everyone in the world keeps praying for a dead body lying in the state, asking God to accept his/her soul, yet I haven’t seen or heard of a book including the holy bible. q’uran, The Tipitaka, The Vedas And The Upanishads of Hindu World, The Tanakh And The Talmud of Judaism, not even The Kojiki and the rest that give credence to that such arrogant and barbaric practice of praying for a dead body which is no different from log of wood.

Only an enlightened soul will understand why you shouldn’t border yourself much about life. Only enlightenment will enable you understand how stupid and foolish it is to envy one another. Only enlightenment will make you understand how arrogant and barbaric it is to see people bragging about their material possessions, beauty or positions. It is only deep knowledge of life that will humble you to understand that there is no competition to win, we are all just players who will surely leave the stage after a while. Being ambitious is a good thing. Yes, having the strongest will power to achieve an exceptional goal is the joy of the World but you must not pull another person down to get the said job down. For what reason will you bicker because the other person is doing well, what will it increase in you if he is poor and suffering. Can you justify why you support or propagate an art that subject the larger population to suffering and agony because you feel you are benefiting from the system. Can you convince yourself why you take the live of another when it is certain that his or her destiny will not and can never be transferred to you and if you do that for fame or wealth, my question to you is ‘will that make you to live up to 200 years and even if so, what happen after the 200 years, you return to dust.

Take it from me, enlightenment brings emancipation and like Frederick Douglas said “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave to anyone.

Martins Chiedozie Ugwu
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