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The Holy Quran (61:14)

“O you who believe! Be supporters of God, as Jesus son of Mary said to the disciples, “Who are my supporters towards God?” The disciples said, “We are God’s supporters.” So a group of the Children of Israel believed, while another group disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed.”

God has graciously demonstrated His choice of our great nation NIGERIA as footprints for the establishment of the Godvernment of the second coming of Jesus (Isa) as a spirit from Him (Quran 21:91) with the sudden appearance of a rainbow inside the Hall where we gathered to worship Him on 26th September 2021 and the falling back to the earth of the white ramen that followed Christ’s ascension to heaven which touched down at Ondo on 29th October 2021. We Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom JMPTEK citizens who, in sacrificing, made a covenant with Him, under the highest institution of sacrifices by the deadly covenant of Twelve Pillars of Oath of righteousness and true judgement that kills if violated, to do what is right and not what we like with zero tolerance to corruption – are God’s supporters that have received power for the setting up of Messaih’s kingdom, and have become the ones that prevailed. Alhamudullahi!

Abraham was the father of nations and in a spiritual sense, God’s promises to Abraham apply to all who believe in God, worldwide. Thus, God of Abraham is our God too and, through JMPTEK, Nigerians have become the people of the God of Abraham; and in his seed (through Nigerians) the nations of the earth were to be blessed. JMPTEK citizens, who, under the guidance of God’s servant and President in waiting, His Eternal Excellency, Apostle Sunday Chukwu-Eguzolugo have received the divinely inspired balanced and perfect Theocratic Constitution for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and perfect and balanced restructuring of Godvernance for the whole world beginning from our great nation NIGERIA, and are made partakers of the faith of Abraham, and are his spiritual children. The God of Abraham has Abraham’s supernatural posterity, laid ahead in justice equity and transformation to all Nigerians, his own chosen people. Alhamudullahi!

The Most Magnificent Almighty Allah again shall be praised, this time, for that great deliverance in saving our great nation NIGERIA from the wickedness of democracy. His glory, majesty and power are seen in the decisive way he crushed democratic systems. The one who defends NIGERIA is also LORD of the universe. Nothing can stand before Him. His power is absolute in the heavens and on the earth. Angry rebellion against God is turned into a source of praise to Him, for His triumph brings glory to His name. Since God will be glorified whether people submit or rebel, they will do well to bring glory to him willingly by offering true and humble worship in absolute submission, facing neither east or west (Quran 2:177), but facing heaven (Quran 2:144a) which is located in the direction of the North, the city of the Great King where God is known in His palaces for our refuge Psalm 48:1-3; Isaiah 14:12-14, Lev 1:11). CONGRATULATIONS!


Amb. (Dr.) Joshua Segun Ijagbemi-Oloruntijinde
National Chairman
Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom

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