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The Holy Quran (24:55)

“God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds, that He will make them successors on earth, as He made those before them successors, and He will establish for them their religion – which He has approved for them – and He will substitute security in place of their fear. They worship Me, never associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that – these are the sinners.”

The pursuit of propagating the spread of the Kingdom of God all over the world begins with positioning our hearts to love God more than anything this world could offer. The idolatrous democratic governmental systems being destroyed, and the blood of the martyred saints being avenged, there is a universal joy among the redeemed of the LORD, which they celebrate with the shout of ‘ALHAMUDULILLAHI’! For after the last judgment that terminated the cloud of democracy and replaced it with the cloud of righteousness, now comes to the Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom (JMPTEK) the triumphant song of the heavenly hosts, as it were, a great voice of a great multitude characteristic of the heavenly utterances which shall be sang amongst all the nations of the earth. For true and righteous are His judgments, for He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of His servants at her hand.

Foreign powers that grew prosperous through their commerce with our great nation NIGERIA mourn at the latter’s destruction by terrorists, herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits among others but stood afar off, watching our nation’s destruction and did nothing to help her in her distress. They mourn for us, not because they have any love for us, but because they are losing our market for their goods. Like our local politicians, they are guided by motives that are entirely selfish. They are distressed only because of their loss of profits; they mourn because their source of gain has suddenly been cut off.

JMPTEK, under the deadly covenant of Twelve Pillars of Oath of righteousness and true judgement that kills if violated to do what is right and not what we like; see the nation differently, because we are standing firm for God and have refused to follow the ways of the world, we’re rejoicing that Babylon and its democracy has been overthrown. For, the supernatural enthronement of JMPTEK, the occasion is one of victory. With the falling and destruction of Babylon, wicked human democratic societies shall exist no more. All democratic activities would cease, whether connected with accession to political offices, recreation, work, or the everyday affairs of life; and they shall be replaced with the Selection by their respective Councils of Wise Men. Foreign interests are especially condemned, since they are the ones who, through their greed, corrupted the nation, giving us a government at independence, without a kingdom, the keys of which Britain kept back until it was supernaturally taken from the Queen by God’s servant and President in waiting, Apostle Sunday Chukwu-Eguzolugo. But the main reason for the nation’s affliction is that it attacked God’s people.

Since the appearance of the rainbow during the 26th September 2021 sealing of the ark of the New Testament with the new perfect and balanced theocratic Constitution for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and perfect and balanced restructuring of Godvernance; the scene of the atmosphere over our great nation NIGERIA has shifted to heaven, where there is much rejoicing and praise for the new Heavenly Godvernment which has come to the earth, beginning from our great nation NIGERIA. God’s justice has been demonstrated in the fitting punishment of those who rebelled against His rule and persecuted His people. Although JMPTEK has triumphed, the one who has given them victory is God Almighty Allah. He alone is the object of worship, whether offered by heavenly beings in heaven or His redeemed people on earth, facing neither east or west (Quran 2:177) but facing heaven (Quran 2:144) which is located in the direction of the North the city of the Great King where God is known in His palaces for our refuge.

Jesus said: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Islam fully subscribes to this view, since no just kingdom can be founded on earth by unjust men, who have not first created the Kingdom of Heaven in their hearts, but Islam goes a step forward and says that the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven within heart is not enough; this Kingdom of Heaven within must be externalised into a Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so that the organised life of man may be built up on the basis of love, fraternity and justice, in equity and transformation to all. This is the cornerstone of the JMPTEKs assignment and the zeal of God Almighty Allah shall bring it to pass. CONGRATULATIONS!!


Amb. (Dr.) Joshua Segun Ijagbemi-Oloruntijinde
National Chairman
Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom

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