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The Holy Quran (43:70-71)

Enter the Garden, you and your spouses, Joyfully. They will be served around with trays of gold, and cups. Therein is whatever the souls desire and delights the eyes. Therein you will stay forever.

Let me seize this opportunity to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom (JMPTEK) citizens for reentery into the Garden of Eden and a new era of theocracy on behalf of our great nation NIGERIA, Africa and the whole world. We have entered into the new world, and the significance of the rainbow’s appearance to us as we worshipped God Almighty Allah on the 26th September 2021 is the manifestation of the new theocratic era which is the new world! The cloud of theocracy now covers the sky of the whole world, the Godvernment of the Messaih Isa Al-Mashi is the kingdom of God Almighty Allah in heaven, that has come down on earth to rediscover the worship of God in spirit and in truth facing neither east or west (Quran 2:177) but facing heaven (Quran 2:144a) which is located in the direction of the North (Psalm 48:1-3; Dan 14:12-14) the city of the Great King where God is known in His palaces for our refuge, which Adam lost to satan.

Today, we are also celebrating the great event that took place in commemoration of our National day of Independence Anniversary when the ‘iroko tree’ that our Mother of all Nations, Dr. Sarah Jibril saw two years ago dried up with the cloud of democracy rolled away and the cloud of theocracy now covering not only our great nation NIGERIA but the whole world. What we shall be hearing any moment from now is the falling down of the iroko tree, because it’s no longer living, though still existing and still standing; for the strength that holds its roots have all dried up and now the tree is at the mercy of any wind that blows and the whole world will soon see it fallen.

Our imaginations, about the weaknesses of the vessels in JMPTEK was also shattered yesterday when Almighty Allah called us His VIPs as lepers, widows, orphans and almajiris, physically challenged, strangers, the elderly, priests and imams at a High Level supernatural banquet organized in our honour to demonstrate the strength of His power under the new righteous theocratic atmosphere. The strength of democratic powers was rooted in the strength of the evil cloud of democracy that was hovering over our nation and the whole world and so politicians hardly needed anything extra to win. And, as long as that cloud has been removed, and the cloud of righteousness have come in its place and replaced it, they will be getting weaker and weaker by the day in their losing streaks. When the wicked is on the throne, the people groan and mourn because it’s their era but when the cloud of wickedness is removed and the cloud of righteousness is in the sky, in authority, the people rejoice. God has called each of us to join Him in His Kingdom mission, no special qualifications are required. God uses those who are willing. He will pass over the best and the brightest for the available and obedient.

God works in our weakness and His power is made perfect in weakness. Moses had a staff to lead Israel out of Egypt. David a slingshot to face Goliath. A boy had a simple lunch in his pocket that somehow fed 5,000 people. The question isn’t whether what we have is good enough for God – it’s whether we will offer what we have for His service. And the good news is, God’s plan doesn’t rely on our greatness, but rather on His. He fashioned us from our mothers’ wombs and placed us in the world for such a time as this. And in rediscovering our purpose in His Kingdom, we become the person God created us to be. So our supernatural enthronement is not by our strenght in democratic elections, it’s by the kind of theocratic cloud of righteousness that now occupies and prevails in the atmosphere. CONGRATULATIONS!


Amb. (Dr.) Joshua Segun Ijagbemi-Oloruntijinde
National Chairman
Justice Must Prevail Theocratic Eternal Kingdom

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