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……Congratulates him on the success of PDP zoning exercise.

The G74 IPAC Enugu State has congratulated his Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi the governor of Enugu state on the success of the PDP zoning exercise that took place few days ago without causing rancor or division in the party.
The group described him as a silent achiever, very calculative, strategic and diplomatic, a man of great political sagacity, a peace loving governor. That has performed his national assignment without any rancour, he believes in equity and fairness. Also describing him as the King Solomon of Enugu State.
Keep it up Sir.

On looming anarchy the group calls on him to use the same wisdom given to him by God to intervene and stop the looming anarchy that is speedily growing wings in the southeast of Nigeria.
They observed that examining the events of few months now rule of law seems to be becoming a thing of the past. Since Ipob gave the sit at home order, the citizens has been behaving like government and governors have no right over the affairs of the state again. Even after Ipob gave a counter order to stop the sit at home on Mondays yet the people can’t come out because they are afraid of their lives as hoodlums has also taken advantage of the first order to intimidate the people, it also shows that they have lost or is like loosing confidence in the government of the day that the government can no more protect them.
This present scenario is creating a scene where everybody will soon start behaving the way he or she likes, the worst of it is the series of attacks on the security agents and apparatus that is demoralizing the security agents. If care is not taken people will start giving orders in different enclaves and people will obey neglecting government’s directive, people are now becoming afraid of faceless people than the law of the land.

The group asked the governor to as a matter of urgency intervene and bring the situation under control before it gets out of control.

They also used the same opportunity to call on southeast governors, senators, Reps, house members, local government chairmen, councillors, traditional rulers of all class, president generals and all elites and stakeholders in the whole southeast Igbo nation to rise to this occasion because nobody knows who will be next target.

We should reenergize our local vigilantes group, equip them and stand beside them to help in this situation, we should unite to fight for the welfare of our region and bring it back to the envy of others.As it is not in the culture of an Igbo man to kill and maim anybody, Igbo’s are known to be peaceful, law abiding and progressive in nature, what is happening now is very unnatural to ndi Igbo which suggest foul play somewhere, “Onwere ebe miri siri ba n’opi Ugboguru” A stitch in time saves nine.


Apostle Newman Chukwuajah


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