President Salva Kiir Mayardit End your People’s suffering, step down peacefully

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By Suzanne Jambo

24th August 2021

Mr. President Salva Kiir Mayardit, I write to you on this date the 24th of August 2021, only a few days away from the nation-wide and globally planned peaceful protests and civil disobedience action by our suffering citizens. Sadly, It has come to this point.

Yourself and your fallen comrades notably the late hero Dr. John Garang who passed on the baton to you to take care of us before he tragically died. He gave you an huge responsibility to safeguard our People, our Struggle and selfless sacrifices to live dignified, free, equal and happy.

Let me ask you a very honest question: are our People free, dignified and happy? Do you think you and your colleagues, at this rate and after 16 years in power can perform a miracle to save and rescue our People? The answer is a resounding NO!

During the SPLM/A 21-years and Anya Nya One 17-years there has never been a situation where we had such unprecedented mass exodus of our people into refuge. Certainly, we never had internally displaced persons in the entire South confound to indescribable living conditions as happening now in IDPs camps in Juba—-what have our People done to you all to deserve this degradation and humiliation? We only dreamt to be free from “the Jellaba”, the Quasi Arabs who mistreated us into “2nd, 3rd and 4th class citizens!” We gave selflessly to be free, to live dignified in our huge land and generous nation, free of fear, of hunger and diseases! What have we done to deserve you and your colleagues as the most uncaring leaders? What did we do to you all for thirsting, hungering and displacing us, for us not to see peace and to live in constant fear of oppression from men in uniforms and guns!! Your infamous chamber of torture and death the NSS Blue House!!!

To make matters more complicated, you and your colleagues have ethnically and violently divided us. We South Sudanese have always lived side by side peacefully, harmoniously since time immemorial. We were always united during our many years of liberation struggles, not anymore today after our own “self-rule”, why?! Shame on you and your colleagues to rob us off of our God-given peace, from our land that today millions of us are refugees fed by the UN and hosted by our African brothers and sisters in neighboring nations—-aren’t you and your colleagues ashamed of this humiliation of our People? Daily, hourly our people live in hiding from fear of racial attacks in Egypt. Who cares about them, about us all?!

All this did not happen to us when we were a region part of the “old” Sudan. How do you sit next to African and world leaders knowing your people are hungry, sick, refugees and in constant wars?

The time has come for you to do the right thing. In honor of your fallen comrades who gave dearly with their souls for us to be free but we are not free.

We know matters of birth and death are with our Creator, God the Almighty LOVING Father. Mr. President Kiir, do the right thing and peacefully step aside so when your time comes, to join your fallen comrades we can mourn you as we mourned them. Give us a chance to remember one last good thing, a legacy of peacefully handing over power back to your people, your good memories are fading. When you decide to step aside, please take with you your entire government—-you have all not only failed our nation, but have dishonored your fallen comrades and humiliated us beyond, and more than anyone else before in our history. Enough is enough!

We Mothers of this youngest nation want to see our children, husbands, fathers, all of us to be free, happy and dreaming of a great now and an amazing future. We want to groom the many tiers of wise patriotic leadership to continue Africa’s last born baby and the world’s youngest nation of South Sudan to remain strong long after we have all gone.

However, and if you choose not to step down peacefully before our planned peaceful protests of 30th August 2021, then we urge you not to let your men in uniform (or “unknown gunmen”) to shoot any peaceful citizens. We are peaceful and come with patriotic genuine intentions for our nation. For once, we want to be heard. Prevent any bloodshed of anymore anyone’s innocent blood from your hands.

We seek God’s guidance, His protection. We are assured by our ancestors’ watch over us as we embark on a journey in their footsteps to fulfill their aspirations for our People, to which, they gave preciously and selflessly.

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