Meet Iya Orisa, The 136-Year-Old Priestess Who Lives Under Olumo Rock

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Olumo rock is a rock located in South-Western Nigeria, precisely Ogun State.
it served as a natural fortress and a hideout for the Egba people during the inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century.
Chief Mrs. Sinatu Aduke Sanni also called Iya Orisa is a 136-year-old woman and was born in 1885. She is also called Iya Orisa Olumo which means ‘Mother Goddess of the Olumo Rock.

It is believed that Sinatu has witnessed the coronation of four Alakes (Egba Kings) since 1898.

She completes the coronation rites of the Alakes of Egbaland by handing over the leaves from the ‘tree of life’ to the Egba Kings.

Iya Orisa lives within the hollows of the rock. But climbing became easy with the carved-out staircase, which assists. At the entrance of the house, there is a sign which reads ‘Orisa Igun Shrines’

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