Dr. & Mrs. Chinedu Luke Egbo: A Manifestation of His Grace & Love

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Congratulations oncemore to a wonderful and beautiful couple, Dr. & Mrs. Chinedu Luke Egbo. I mean the newest couple in town! This is just a little note from me to let you know how happy I’m for you both. Even though your wedding day is just few days ago but the manifestation of his grace and love for you both no doubt remains in abundance with you people and it marks the beginning of your journey together, your adventures to conquer together!

And it is my prayers that you will grow to becomes a couple that compliments each other in the most inspiring way – over the many years ahead where you will share in each other’s joys and times of difficulty that life brings, I wish for you that your love for each another only creates a glue which strengthens the bond with age (like a good wine, maturing and just getting better and better!). I look forward to seeing a wonderful family grow from your union, the challenges of raising children will surely cause some interesting discussions but with that wonderful thing called love, they say it can conquer all and with both of you at the helm of this ship, we are sure you will be blessed with patience, joy, understanding and a good sense of humour to guide you through.

So a big congratulations to a wonderful couple! Much love.

From your man Martins Chiedozie UGWU

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