Chaplain Caught In an Unholy Act with a Blind Student

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Tension is mounting between students and authorities at the Akropong School for the blind after a chaplain at the school was caught molesting a blind female student in a classroom.

The students are angry at what they say is an attempt by the authorities to cover up the incident which occurred on Tuesday.

Leader of the concerned students, Richmond, told Morning Starr host Francis Abban that they have the whole incident captured on video.

He further noted the female student told them she was forced into the act by the chaplain.

“When we caught the teacher sexually abusing the lady, we recorded the lady and she narrated what happened. We also got hold of the teacher’s boxer shorts which was in the classroom where the act was ongoing. We tried reporting the case to the police in Akropong but were stopped by the school authorities. We have been restricted from going out of the school.

“We are keeping the boxer shorts to use as evidence. It is interesting to note that, the teacher claims we forcefully took his boxer shorts off him and that is so not true. Other female students have complained about being sexually assaulted by some teachers but we have no evidence to that”.

The students who claim the chaplain is in the habit of abusing females students have vowed to take action if the authorities do not allow the matter to be reported to the police.

“As we speak, I am wanted by the school authorities. I am hiding somewhere on the school campus now because the teachers I am told are discussing me and they claim I have led to make this issue public”.

Parents of the victim are expected at the school today for a meeting with authorities

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