Yellow Fever Hit Nigeria States

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46 confirmed, 2 new deaths
More states affected

Yellow Fever, YF, suspected cases in Nigeria on Saturday rose to 1,558 cases with 46 confirmed cases in 481 Local Government Areas, LGAs.

The 46 confirmed cases were reported from 14 LGAs across eight states of Bauchi 8; Benue 3; Delta 8; Ebonyi 1; Edo 5; Ekiti 1; Enugu 19 and Oyo 1.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, who is currently responding to clusters of Yellow Fever outbreaks in Delta, Enugu, Bauchi, and the Benue States in its report latest report disclosed that from the clusters of outbreaks in Delta, Enugu, Bauchi and Benue; 20 new confirmed cases were reported: According to NCD’s YF Weekly situation report, 14 were reported in Enugu, Benue 3, Delta 2, Ebonyi 1.

Also, 4 new Local Government Areas, LGAs , across three states reported confirmed cases: Benue 1; Enugu 2; Ebonyi 1 and 2 new deaths among confirmed cases were reported. “Cumulatively from epi-week 24 – 46:
A total of 39 confirmed cases
have been reported from 7 LGAs
across five states. A total of six deaths were recorded among the confirmed cases with a Case Fatality Rate, CFR of 15 percent.

Giving a summary of cases so far, the report states: “Cumulatively, across Nigeria, in 2020 from Epi-Week 01 – 46: A total of 1,558 suspected cases and 46 confirmed cases have been reported from 481, 62 percent, LGAs across all states and FCT.

” Laboratory results in-country: 37 confirmed with PCR; 30 presumptive
positive; 11 inconclusive; 1,481 negative; 31 pending testing.
“Laboratory results from IP Dakar: Of the 41 samples sent, 8, 19.5 percent, were confirmed, 2, 4.9 percent, discarded and 31, 75.6 percent, pending.

The NCDC and National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NPHCDA, are coordinating response activities through the national YF EOC, in collaboration with states and partners. There are ongoing reactive mass vaccination campaigns in Bauchi, Delta, and the Enugu States with Benue scheduled to start a preventive mass vaccination campaign, PMVC, on the 20th of November 2020.

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