Oduma Community: Do We Actually Have A functional Local Government Executives in Aninri?

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Local government is multi-purpose body responsible for delivering a broad range of services in relation to roads, water, housing and
community development and provision of other social amenity but it is quiet worrisome when an elected local government executive totally neglect their major responsibilities like good road and clean water to drink and for domestic use.

The above contain in a statement released by the Enugu state leadership of United Patriots [UP] personally signed by the chairman of the party in the state, Hon. Michael Ndubuisi. He said “Reducing the distance between people, markets and services or simply ‘getting people connected’ – is a great part of what economic growth and development is all about”

According to him, although virtual connectivity has become increasingly important today with the emergence of new communication avenues but a good and reliable transport network remains vital if a society must advance. There is a very strong positive correlation between economic development and the quality of its road network and clean water. But unfortunately, here in Oduma, we are living like we are in 18th Century world, where the community car owners have to park their cars like 20 kilometers away from home because there is no motorable road to pass. This is our situation in Oduma community in Aninri local government area, where the only source of drinkable water is from an unimaginable mould water where the entire community depend on for their domestic water need, at a time several diseases and pandemic are ravaging the world.

It sound unbelievable and irritating that in a 21 century world, that such an important agrarian community like Oduma don’t have roads. No clean water to drink in an area that won’t cost government much to drill and distribute water. What happened to the monthly allocation to the local government. How about the revenue. Can the local government chairman, Mr. Ezekiel Chukwu explain to the good people of Aninri where he kept the monthly allocation or is he telling us there is no allocation coming to Aninri local government or it has been diverted as usual.

Therefore it has becomes necessary now than ever to call upon the local government chairman and his executives to sit up to their responsibilities, at least build the road leading to Oduma and drill bohole to save lives from untimely death and another pandemic likely cholera or other water borne diseases in the state.

Is so shameful and unbecoming that almost the entire villages in Oduma lives in a pitiable condition of lack of road and portable water including Uhuagu Amokwe, Uhuogbeke Amokwe, Amaeke Etiti, Amaeke, mmavu and other villages. No one won’t vomit when you see the type of water this community is drinking from. I cry answer weep for the poor masses here everyday especially people who don’t even know what is water guard to use and add to the water.

And one will be quick to ask, If truly the local government is in the hand of God, why should God allow his people to suffer such untold hardship and agony. The people of Oduma are really seeing it all. Just go and look at the kind of water people drink here, very contaminated water filled with blue algae and other harmful microbes and you say we have a local government chairman. What is his duties and functions as the executive chairman of the local government, non of them the leaders can allow their pig to drink such water talk of human being and no nobody is talking.

I make bold to state here that the local government chairman and his executive should know that next election is coming, and it will not only be a disappoint to them on the out come, we will shame them to their faces for such irresponsibility and lack of human face to the good of Oduma and Aninri people in general. And am very happy that the people are becoming more informed and politically enlightened to make a choice and we will continue to educate them.

The state Chairman Hon. Ndubuisi stated that the party in the state will continue to expose the incompetent nature of the chairman and his executives before cholera ravage the entire community and the state in general. We can no more keep quiet in the face of imminent danger and disaster because the people of Oduma deserve better.


Hon. Michael Ndubuisi
State Chairman
United Patriots [UP]
Enugu State.

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