Africa’s youth have the right to dream! By Suzanne Jambo

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Regardless of Uganda’s Bobi Wine gets the top seat or not, his tenacity, no doubt is refreshing for both Uganda and Africa.

Yes Museveni brought about peace in 1986 and ensured no going back to war in Uganda, and some semblance of development but we also know Uganda deserves democracy and prosperity. Under Uganda’s President Museveni’s leadership, East Africa rose to greater cooperations and prominence. His stance on Somalia’s terrorist group as Al Shabab can not be underestimated, neither his support to Rwanda during its 1994 Genocide and subsequent hail to power by President Paul Kagame. Even in my homeland of South Sudan, we appreciate Museveni’s role in ensuring African support for our Referendum and Independence in 2011.

However, surely, since 1986, and after more than 33 years in power, President Museveni is urged to learn to relinquish power so other generations can lead and serve Uganda. It’s only logical and fair for Uganda, similar to other African nations, so Africa continues long after old guards pass on the batons and they are no longer in our world. Enumerating Africa’s longest serving rulers as Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang, 1979-present, Cameroon’s Paul Biya 1982-present, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, 1986-present, Congo Republic’s Denis Sassou Nguesso 1979-92, and again 1997-present, Chad’s Idriss Deby, 1990-present and Eritrea’s Afwerki, 1993-present. One has to ask what have these Africa’s longest terms serving rulers done for their nations; food security, personal safety and security, education, health, infrastructure etc.?

How many years does an African ruler need to manifest he/she can do something tangible to prove his/her leadership qualities? 30, 40, 50, 100 years in power?!?

As Africans we have lowered our bars and standards to a level even if a dictator doesn’t provide services and busy looting with their spouses being ministers/kids benefiting and in-laws and so forth. “SO LONG AS THERE IS NO WAR, ITS OK…”

Do we realize how much more dreams are dying every day in Africa? How many millions African youth who give up and stop dreaming by either joining the club of corrupt officials or wither away in misery. Frankly, what other choices do our youth have? UNLESS, you’re privileged, born to one of these corrupt parents, enjoying the perks of their corruption, else there’s no future for hard working corruption-free youth in Africa!

In Africa we are forced to lower our expectations to accept Museveni to rule “forever for he brings peace”, or President Kiir for “he has sacrificed his life in the liberation struggle” and so forth. Regardless of no positive effectiveness in our nations.

Anyone who questions Africa’s authoritarian rulers ends up being barricaded by the army, chased across villages, towns, cities, countries around Africa and globally by government security agents thirsty for your questioning and dreaming blood.

It is no wonder in Sub-Sahara Africa especially, the likes of Bobbi Wine may just be starting “The African Spring” supplemented by Nigeria’s #EndSARS by the youth. As well, in 2019 the Sudanese youth and women successfully ousted its military dictator Bashir after more than 30 years in power. So the Egyptian youth in 2014. Factly, there have been over 10 youthful uprisings recently in Africa. Stuff is happening. The demographic shift will tilt politics in Africa. Could this be our decade for change? ❤️🙏🏾

Suzanne Jambo

18th November 2020

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