Yellow Fever In Igbo-Etiti: Our Journey So Far.

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The sudden deaths recently recorded in Igbo-Etiti LGA has proven to be caused by Yellow Fever Virus.
From the report I got yesterday and today, Ekwegbe and Umuna are on the list of the towns effected by this deadly virus.

I have written to the appropriate quarters and we are glad for their quick response.
Umuna case was confirmed this evening after a phone conversation with Dr. Stephen of ANENECHUKWU Hospital Umuna.

However, we are calling on all the leaders in Igbo-Etiti LGA both community leaders, Traditional Rulers, Pastors, Priests, Principals and Headmasters to help sensitize our people so that they can submit to test.

It is a case of infection and our people must cooperate with Health personnels from the Government, NCDC, WHO and UNICEF for our common safety.

Arthur I. Eze
President Igbo-Etiti Youth Forum (IEYF)

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