Trump Can Still Bounce Back By Comrade Kindness Jonah

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In the tensed election in America, please recall that when children of Israel demanded a king against God’s wish and Samuel the mouthpiece of God was grievously annoyed, God told Samuel to obey them and give them king according to their choice. Then they choose Saul in the flesh, to be their king. That was the beginning of the problem of Israel as a nation.

Then the question, how did Saul rule Israel and how did Israelites fair? Trump came, rebuilding America, creating Jobs, and above all, made Jerusalem the indubitable Capital of Israel, a feat that no American President dared do in history right from 1948.

Instead of choosing Trump to complete his job, Americans chose Biden, a man propelled by islamic principles, gay marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism, legalised abortion, licensing influx of terrorists_ islamists into America. Trump should not feel bad because America and Americans are going to pay most dearly for rejecting Trump.

Trump can still come back in 2025 as President of America, Jesus willing. By then the power bloc of America strangulating the world will have been whittled down and America lost his super power status. We feel bad as dedicated Christians that Trump lost, but Divinity may have another plan for human race which Trump’s electoral loss would fulfill. Only Jesus who is God, can understand all mysteries. Keep your cool.

Comrade Kindness Jonah, Civil Liberties Organisation CLO Enugu State Nigeria

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