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The Holy Quran (24:35)

God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His light is that of a pillar on which is a lamp. The lamp is within a glass. The glass is like a brilliant planet, fueled by a blessed tree, an olive tree, neither eastern nor western. Its oil would almost illuminate, even if no fire has touched it. Light upon Light. God guides to His light whomever He wills. God thus cites the parables for the people. God is cognizant of everything.

Light is a name of God, and “God is the light of the heavens and the earth” (Quran 24:35). He created the heavens and the earth and appointed darkness and light (Quran 4:1). To dwell in darkness of occultism, shedding of innocent blood, kidnapping, raping, terrorism, electoral fraudulence, wickedness and corruption as it was with our great nation NIGERIA in her 60 years of democratic dispensation is to dwell in distance from God; under the dominion of His divine judgement and wrath, which keep things far from Him. To dwell in light is to live in nearness to God; dominated by qualities of His beauty and mercy, which bring things close to Him to rise and shine under His inspiration and Godvernance.

God’s Word not only gives light, but this light divinely grows with the growing revelation or understanding of the Word. As the Word opens before the soul the Divine shines forth from it more clearly, and the glory of the Almighty God becomes more wonderful. This is the light that entered our great nation NIGERIA in the name of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) written in gold in a vision to God’s servant Apostle Sunday Chukwu-Eguzolugo, in the house of his Muslim friend Hon. Bello Kaoje, in Kaoje Kebbi State in 2010, for a 10 years long preparation for the enthronement of Theocratic Eternal Justice Has Prevailed Godvernment (TEJHPG) beginning from the 2020 Independence Anniversary commemorations, which commenced the fulfillment of the prophetic destiny of NIGERIA in God’s eternal plan.

Therefore, Nigeria’s democracy, having been in a state of affliction and calamity for 60 years is rising because her new light is the catalyst for her rising into her new theocratic era. Her new light has already brought about the revelation knowledge of the worship of Almighty God in truth and in spirit and access to hidden truth that has now come to be exposed; massive knowledge that would bring confidence and boldness against things that scared an average Nigerian before; to throw away the shame of oppression and slavery and handle things with great precision and strategic productive ideas. We’ll be able to draw solutions from that light that God has already supplied and we’ll be unstoppable because there’ll be no scarcity of funding. The people of our great nation NIGERIA will embrace the ideas of the TEJHPG now supernaturally equipped with the balance and perfect theocratic Constitution which has provided the solution to ALL the problems bedeviling the nation NIGERIA in equity, justice and transformation to ALL.

As this new light begins to empower NIGERIA, it ‘ll be so glaring that even global powers and nations of the world will come to learn of what we did and seek out how to replicate such in their nations. There’ll be massive movements of wealth into NIGERIA especially from the blacks in the diaspora. There shall be a massive respect for NIGERIANS – a country that had been looked down upon, despised and forsaken before. But as many as are not thinking good of NIGERIA shall perish and go down the drain.

So splendid shall be that glory, that it will attract the distant nations, and they shall come and participate in the blessings of the new TEJHPG hastening to embrace the true religion and no nation shall be able to flourish where the worship of the true God is not maintained as it will be in our great nation NIGERIA! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Dr Olusegun Ijagbemi
National Chairman
Justice Must Prevail Party

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