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Dear Comrades and fellow Nigerian Citizens.
There is no time in the history of our great country that calls for a political paradigm shift than now. It is pertinent that if we get our politics well, our economy would fall in line. The Global economy changes the way the world does business and the world economy has continued to become more integrated and interdependent than any other times in the world History.

As your President to be, I have planned to position Nigeria to play a great role in the new world of commerce, security and economic stability and to show African that we can be truly free from Western Loans, and dependency. It is therefore my plans to approach politics from another dimension since we cannot be repeating same system and expect a better or favourable result.
To my mind, motivate by desire and passion for total change, in my administration, no man who had held office in any pervious administration would be allowed to run or play a part. We cannot continue to recycle the same failures into new offices. I shall totally oversee all my Ministers and members of my Cabinet and anyone found wanting must be shown the way out. Incompetence shall be very intolerable,and the principle of accountability would be extolled to its highest pedigree.

In my critical reflection and appraisal, I have also come to understand that previous governments failed because of their lack of Gender equality in Politics. I have decided to run a 50-50 administrative system. It is a system were the office of a women shall be such that their passion shall reflect that of their families. Ministries like employment, Defence, Security, Health shall be headed by the women and I shall encourage more women in our Houses of Parliament. Statistics and evidence have shown that when competent women are appointed or elected into offices of authority, they seem to outperform their Male counterparts. To this end, I shall be running my administration with equal men and women and, as it seems with my vision, a woman may also be my Vice when the time comes.

On the issue of security, when a woman is appointed as the Chief Security Officer, she sees the death of any citizens as a death of her family member, they are more compassionate and worried over issues of violence, instability, kidnapping and armed forces excesses, terror and conflict. No one reading this would also forget the Great Magreth Thatcher of the United Kingdom and all her policies towards the rebuilding of the United Kingdom and to strengthen those who feel cannot make it. Same applies to German Chancellor Angela Merkel graded as one of the best woman politician in the world. Honourable Okonji Iwuala a Nigerian, was the first woman to head the World Trade Organisation. The changes brought in by the present New Zealand Prime minister also comes to mind. We cannot underestimate the prudency, efficiency and affectiveness of women in the management of public offices. In my time as the President of Nigeria, I will create the opportunity and enabling Laws that would boost the ego of the women to aspire to all Offices in Nigeria including the office of the President, Vice President, Senators, Federal House of representatives, and speakers of both Houses of Parliament.

With a woman in the ministry of Employment, I think woman would not have peace until all Youths are gainfully employed. No Nigerian will be a beggar again under my watch come 2023.
I shall run an inclusive government with your support, and it shall be a government of all.

HIS EXCELLENCY, CHIEF CBN ONWUASOANYA Ezendigbo for President of Nigeria 2023 for betterment of our children and generation to come

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